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Shared Impression

20 T-shirts 

Performance, max 15 performers

Between July and August 2022, I took part to the artists residency “Nomadic Island” organised within the frame of the “Esch-2022 – European Cultural Capital” program in the south of Luxembourg. Over a time of three weeks, 10 artists and more than 100 local people have been working together to experiment art concepts around the theme of alternative ways of living and working.

The project “Shared Impression”, participative and accessible for various publics, offered an opportunity to open a discussion on the current pattern of production and consumption within the fashion industry and to identify some sources of change.

By using various techniques, such as natural dying, embroidery and screen-printing in close relation with the surrounding environment and with the experiences of the people in the camp, various t-shirts have been infused with the traces of the shared experience of the camp itself.

20 days of residency, 20 t-shirts.

At the end of the process, the t-shirts have been tied together to create a performative sculpture animated in various occasion by the participants. By this mean, we could embody and enact the tensions within the experiences of acting as a stand-alone and of being together.

The t-shirts have been offered to the participants at the end of the residency, as form of transitional object between the experience of the camp and the everyday life.

copyright: Mattia Mura Vannuzzi

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