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Mamie et Moi
2012 - 2022

Nonprofit Organisation

In 2012 I have founded an entity focusing on building intergenerational ties, the “Mamie et Moi” NGO based in Luxembourg that I have been co-managing for ten years. The organisation aims at bridging the gaps among generations by playing with stereotypes around age and around certain popular activities such as knitting or crocheting. 

Between September 2020 and May 2021 the organisation launched a participatory project called “Collectif au carré”, where more than 600 participants from the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg came together to make a giant knitted painting . During this project, the use of some textile practices (knitting and crocheting) offered a pretext, an entry-point to a collective experience for very diverse people not normally keen to art.

Here below you will find a portfolio of a selection of activities run by the association during the years.

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